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Did you know?

Lacrosse was originated by Native Americans and is the oldest sport played on the North American continent. First documented in the 17th century, lacrosse began to be played in the United States at the collegiate level in the late 19th century. Lacrosse was first played in the Olympics in 1904 and the first international championship recognized by World Lacrosse was held in 1967. There are now more than 65 nations recognized by World Lacrosse and the United States has won 10 world championships, more than any other nation, beginning with the 1967 team (pictured below).

Lacrosse showcases the best of sports — speed, athleticism, skill, heart, determination — and it’s a recipe for a lifelong love affair. Originated by Native Americans, lacrosse is North America's first sport and has picked up tremendous momentum in recent years. No other sport is growing faster at the high school or college level, resulting in countless opportunities for young men to make their mark.


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