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Elevate Their Game: Off-Season Lacrosse Opportunities Await!

Hello Jr Jag Lacrosse Parents,

We interrupt your regularly scheduled snack procurement operations to bring you some thrilling news; get ready for a lineup of lacrosse awesomeness that'll have you saying, "Off-season? More like ON for non-stop lacrosse action!"

Sure, fall sports are front and center, but why not get ready to keep the lacrosse excitement alive off-season? We've got you covered with thrilling options for all ages and skill levels! Check out these fall LAX clinics:

  1. Boys Lacrosse Training: (+ Speed & Agility training with Whirlwinds Speed Academy) For the future lacrosse stars, these boys' training sessions will focus on skill development, strategy, and teamwork. Give your boys the edge they need to dominate the field. Details and registration 👉 [here].

  2. Girls Lacrosse Training: Calling all girls with a passion for lacrosse! This training program is designed to refine skills, enhance game understanding, and foster camaraderie. Let's empower our young athletes to own the field. 👉 Learn more [here].

  3. Intro Lacrosse (Co-ed): It's never too early to introduce your littlest ones to the joy of lacrosse! This co-ed program for pre-K and kindergarten kids offers a fun and supportive environment to explore the basics of the game. Spark their enthusiasm from the start. Register 👉 [here].

🥍 Unlock the full potential 🤩 of your kids' lacrosse journey. Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities. Secure your spots today!⚡️

Jr Jags LAX

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