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Jr. Jags Lacrosse: Because Normal Weekends Are Overrated

Important details:

Registration for 2024 Jr Jags LAX is now open.

Extra information (for educational purposes):

Why Lacrosse is the Ultimate Parenting Adventure:

Imagine a field filled with young athletes armed with sticks and body armor, chasing a ball around and crushing anything in their path; that's lacrosse for you – the rollercoaster of sports that turns every weekend into a heart-pounding adventure. Forget calm and quiet; embrace the unpredictable thrill of lacrosse!

Life Lessons Wrapped in Lacrosse Gear:

Beyond the chaos, lacrosse teaches teamwork, resilience, and the fine art of celebrating the small victories. Jr. Jags is here to cultivate those essential life skills while ensuring your kid has a blast on the field.

Call to Action:

So, fellow parents, it's time to sign up for Jr. Jags Lacrosse, and turn your weekends into an adventure; when life throws lacrosse balls your way, you might as well catch them and score some parenting points!

Getting hit with lacrosse balls hurts. Do you know what else hurts...getting hit with late registration fees! Register by January 19th to avoid that pain.

Learn more about Jr Jags Lacrosse by visiting our website on the world wide web 👉 link

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